What We Do

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Our Vision

Creating equal economies, where every woman has equal access, equal agency and equal leadership within her community

UNCDF is committed to integrating a gender lens throughout its programmes and operations and will work towards two objectives for women’s economic empowerment:

Gender Finance Gap Zero

UNCDF aims to co-create innovative financing solutions to promote women’s economic empowerment and overcome the barriers to gender equality.

Support of
Women-owned MSMEs

UNCDF deploys innovative finance mechanisms to support women-owned MSMEs through grants, loans, guarantees and technical advice, to reduce the MSME ownership and credit gap and the gender digital divide.

Development of Equitable and Inclusive Infrastructure

UNCDF supports local public and private partners to direct municipal finance towards the delivery of equitable and inclusive services and infrastructure, and develop dedicated financing mechanisms to unlock additional finance for investments in women’s economic empowerment.

Deployment of
Public Finance for Gender Equality

UNCDF provides technical expertise to Governments to channel existing and catalyse additional public finance to gender equality commitments.

Red Tape Zero

UNCDF aims to address the deep-rooted systemic biases as well as market and agency constraints for women that often serve as literal and figurative “red tape” to inclusion and participation.

Access to Gender-responsive Digital Financial Services

UNCDF aims to address the barriers to digital and financial inclusion of all women in LDCs by enhancing women’s capabilities, enabling their access to digital and financial services and promoting gender-responsive infrastructure and essential services.

Inclusive, Equitable and Gender-responsive Policies

UNCDF supports governments to create an inclusive policy and regulatory environment that strengthens gender-intentional and -responsive policies and regulations, local development strategies, plans, budgets and governance structures.

The unique mandate of UNCDF to bring public and private sector capital to the world’s least developed countries positions us well to support the blueprints of the EJR and T&I Action Coalitions

In 2020, UNCDF was chosen as global leader of the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Women’s Economic Justice and Rights (EJR). UNCDF also plays a pivotal role in supporting the work of the Technology and Innovation Action Coalition (T&I). The operational approach of UNCDF is rooted in strengthening local systems, capacities, policies, and institutions to address persistent systemic gender inequalities through technology, innovative forms of financing, technical assistance, and product design.

Strong Partnerships

In partnership with UN-Women, the United Nations development system, and other Development Partners.

Generation Equality Forum

UNCDF contributes to global policy and inter-agency processes related to women’s economic empowerment and gender financing, building on its strategic positioning as co-lead of the Generation Equality Forum action coalition on women’s economic justice and rights..

Networks of Female Finance Leaders in LDCs

UNCDF continues its partnership with 100 Women in Finance to support the development of networks of female finance leaders in LDCs.

Our commitments will help us make Women Builders of Inclusive Digital Economies in 28 countries and build Inclusive Cities by transforming urban areas into spaces of equal opportunities for everyone

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